It’s the End of the World…

…And we’re taking the party down to the Vaudeville Mews. On Friday, Pure Gut, Pussy Willow, The French Dials, The Films of John C. Reilly, and Ramona and the Swimsuits will take the stage to give us a party worthy … Continue reading

Gloom Balloon Video Release

Kino323 (Kee-no three twenty-three) is a new project from photographer and cinematographer Dan Welk, based out of Des Moines. Kino323 videos are collaborations with musicians, artists, poets, and other performers.¬†They produce simple, intimate videos to showcase the talents of artists … Continue reading

Weekend Event: “Home For The Holidays”

Music fans, it’s December. I know, it came quick, but now you have even less time to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re running a little low on Christmastime cheer (I know I am), then this weekend is the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Vaudeville Mews!

The Mews holds a spot in the heart of every single 4th Street regular and newbie alike. Today marks their 10th birthday, and I think it’s the perfect time to show the venue some love. Ladd Askland, booker for the … Continue reading