I’m Baaaack (Almost)

Hey, errbody.

I’ve had the best summer in NYC, but I’ll be back in Des Moines on Tuesday (which I am really, really excited about). So consider this an invitation to let me know about any really awesome shows I should be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

And keep the updates coming! If you’re in a band and you’ve got something rad coming up, let me know. I’ll be sure to get something on the site for you.

See you soon, gals and dudes.

Musicians Needed

Hello, all of you musically inclined people out there. I’ve got a friend in need. He’s looking to start a new band–and an entirely new genre of music (bluegrass/dixie/ska).

If you know your way around a trumpet, drum set, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, or fiddle, get at me. And by that I mean shoot me an email at dsmbandbombshell@gmail.com and I’ll get you in touch with my friend Patrick.

Listen local, dudes.