The Bombshells

Erika Owen, Founder

Photo cred: Joseph Gonzalez

Photo cred: Joseph Gonzalez

Erika is a local music lover. She’s a newbie to the Brooklyn music scene, but still has a soft spot in her heart for all of her Midwestern local acts.

Favorite Des Moines bands: Tires, Parlours, The River Monks

Favorite mainstream bands: Ratatat, Kimbra, The Dirty Projectors, Kendrick Lamar, Angus & Julia Stone

Best concert, ever: Ratatat at the Majestic in Chicago

Dream job: Working as an editor/writer for a music magazine.


Chance Hoener, Writer


Chance is a small town kid from Southeast Kansas lost in the big city. He’s a music lover and student at Drake University. He’s new to the local Des Moines scene but is excited to dive in.

Favorite Des Moines Bands: Bright Giant

Favorite Mainstream bands: Turnpike Troubadours, The Lumineers, Kendrick Lamar, The Devil Makes Three.

Best Concert ever: Turnpike Troubadours at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

Dream Job: Working as a writer for “No Depression”


Trey Reis, Writer

Trey, as represented in a Nietzache quote:

“How many… know that there is art in every good sentence – art that must be grasped if the sentence is to be understood! A misunderstanding of its tempo, for example, and the sentence itself is misunderstood! That one must be in no doubt about the syllables that determine the rhythm, that one should feel the disruption of a too severe symmetry as intentional and as something attractive, that one should lend a refined and patient ear to every staccato, every rubato, that one should divine the meaning in the sequence of vowels and diphthongs and how delicately and richly they can colour and recolour one another through the order in which they come: who among [them] has sufficient goodwill to acknowledge such demands and duties and to listen to so much art and intention in language?”

One thought on “The Bombshells

  1. Just found BB on Twitter…fantastic job! I have a streaming show that focuses on local artists, live and local is a passion of mine. If you ever need any promotional mentions on the show let me know.
    Host and Producer- ZipCodeZero

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