Har-di-Har “Feudal Kind” Review

Feudal Kind EP cover

I’ve been a fan of Fleet Foxes for years. So when I first heard Har-di-Har, they instantly became one of my fave Iowa bands. But while Fleet Foxes made it big through their catchy melodies and pleasing harmonies, Har-di-Har seems to pick up where Fleet Foxes stopped exploring. Their new EP, Feudal Kind, hovers on the brink of insanity, but in the most calculated way

Set to release on December 11, the four songs on the EP contain haunting harmonies (often ones you would never expect), thoughtful lyrics that may not instantly make sense but reverberate later on, and perfect instrumental combinations that you can’t believe come from only two people.

Their single “Campaign” (listen to it here), is a perfect example of Har-di-Har’s music–a complete escalation of voices, instruments, and emotion. Har-di-Har has mastered the art of the build-up, knowing exactly which parts of music to highlight to make the biggest impact.

Band members Andrew and Julie Thoreen (see our Q&A with them here) just released their first EP, word(s) of whim, this August. Their new EP isn’t so much a departure from word(s) of whim, but rather a continuation and deepening connection on a journey through their music.

The album release party is this Friday at Cedar Falls The HuB Live Music Club at 9:30 pm. Har-di-Har will be joined by The Daredevil Christopher Wright and Brooks Strause. See event details here.

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