Gloom Balloon Video Release


Kino323 (Kee-no three twenty-three) is a new project from photographer and cinematographer Dan Welk, based out of Des Moines. Kino323 videos are collaborations with musicians, artists, poets, and other performers. They produce simple, intimate videos to showcase the talents of artists from around the world through the art of cinematography.

Kino323’s debut video is also the first release from Gloom Balloon, Patrick Tape Fleming’s (from The Poison Control Center) new solo project.

Welk says: “I’m really excited about this project, and I can’t imagine a better collaborator to launch it with than Patrick. He’s a great songwriter and performer, and makes the video come alive.  This is just the beginning of Kino323. I’ve already shot more collaborations and have begun to reach out to other musicians, bands, visual artists, poets, comedians, and performers of many different types to feature in upcoming productions, in addition to more works with Gloom Balloon on the way.”

See the awesome video of Gloom Balloon’s “Some Place to Land” here.

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