Video Debut: H.D. Harmsen’s “Papoose”


There’s no better way to deal with hump day than with a new local music video. Especially one from H.D. Harmsen. We have the honor of debuting his newest creation, “Papoose,” produced by the great Pat Fleming of Poison Control Center and Gloom Balloon and Dan Welk of Click! Photography. Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered worked on producing the album with Harmsen. Check it out below and prepare to wait in excitement until the full album comes out.

Harmsen has been a major contributing sound to many local favorites–Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires, Christopher the Conquered, Gloom Balloon–but this time he’s stepping out with his much anticipated solo act. And while his album, “Papoose,” isn’t available until 4/30, pre-order it from Maximum Ames and take a look at this teaser video. If you need further convincing, Ford and Harmsen recorded the entirety of “Papoose” (the album) in a rundown schoolhouse in Lovilia, Iowa. It doesn’t get much more grassroots than that. And we love it.

Let us know what you think in the comments, local music lovers.


2 thoughts on “Video Debut: H.D. Harmsen’s “Papoose”

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