Year in Review


It’s our one year anniversary, guys! It’s been 365 days of amazing music, shows, interviews, and albums and we’re so lucky to have been a part of Des Moines’ local music scene! We also got cheesy and reflected on our favorites from the last year. We can’t wait to see what 2013 brings our way!

Help us celebrate tonight! We’re throwing a birthday party (with cupcakes) at the Mews at 10 pm. Gloom Balloon, Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, and Volcano Boys are gracing the stage!

Erika Owen

Best concert I’ve seen this year: The Sleigh Bells show at Wooly’s was a pretty rad event. I’d say that it’s a tie between that concert and seeing Lil Jon on a 4th of July rooftop party in NYC. That was absolutely insane. There were hundreds of people, but Linds and I got to hang out in the photo pit for most of the set, and even got onstage for some shots. Lil Jon DJ’ed most of the set instead of rapping—which I loved.
Best local show I’ve seen this year: The first time I saw Tires. I don’t even remember when that was, I’ve seen them so many times since them. Their live show is amazing—if you haven’t seen it, get on it.
Favorite local album of the year: I really liked Nate Logsdon’s Bad Decisions. I love the Mumford’s, but I had never heard him do any solo stuff, so that was a pleasant surprise.
Favorite newly discovered local band: Is Home Is (Formerly Olsen Twinns)
Favorite local show moment: Our show tonight, duh! But there was a moment at the Mews when an older guy was hitting on me and Joe Horn came to my rescue and posed as my “older brother.” That was hilarious.
Favorite music venue: Vaudeville Mews, hands down.
Favorite interview: Max Plenke, formerly of Cleo’s Apartment and now drummer for Las Vegas-based Rusty Maples. He made up a cover rap band called the Doppelgangsters. It doesn’t get any better than that.
Favorite album review: I would have to say Lindsay’s Har-di-Har review is my favorite on the site. I had never heard of them previously, and I really love their sound. They’re really down-to-earth people with catchy tunes.
Favorite local music festival: I’ve never been, but I know 80/35 is going to top the charts this year. So, I’m going to preemptively say 80/35.


Lindsay Fullington

Best concert I’ve seen this year: I’ve gotten to see The Mynabirds twice in the past year. The second time they toured through Des Moines, Sean Bones opened for them. Both these bands have full sounds, unique voices, and really creative lyrics. I was blown away and have been a huge fan ever since.

Best local show I’ve seen this year: My birthday weekend, I saw Jordan Mayland play a solo show. I’d seen him a million times before in the different bands he plays in, but seeing him play alone on stage was such an intimate set and I immediately fell in love with his music.

Favorite local album of the year: Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos‘ first album Northerner was an album I was seriously invested in. I got to see it develop and evolve until it became something Dustin was really proud of. I love every song on that album and am truly touched by the lyrics and love I know went into the making of it.

Favorite newly discovered local band: The Wheelers. I saw them play for the first time a month ago and they are a strong force of fun and rock. They have a new album coming out this summer that I’m extremely excited about!

Favorite local show moment: I ended up at a rap show with Erika, Ladd, and Joe. We had a little more than a few of drinks and ended up dancing. (Note: White people should never dance at rap shows.) I ended up flailing my arms too much and accidentally punched a huge man in the balls. After starring into his angry eyes and considering running, I danced on over to Erika as an escape.

Favorite music venue: Mews crew all the time

Favorite interview: Our interview with Devin Frank (PCC), Jordan Mayland (Volcano Boys), Amy Badger (LSLM), and Pat Fleming (RPWG) for the Night of the Living Dead Moines Halloween show was my favorite interview I think we’ve ever done. These musicians proved that they have more than rocking talent….they’re legitimately funny, too.

Favorite album review: Har-di-Har’s second EP was so amazing. Andrew and Julie have such a developed sound and really work magic with their instruments. Their album review took me so long to write, since I literally couldn’t think of words fitting enough to describe their songs.

Favorite local music festival: 80/35 was amazing last summer–and the local musicians rocked it! I think I watched more local acts than big stage shows. I also discovered Mantis Pincers and Maxilla Blue, which completely changed my outlook on the Des Moines scene.

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