Review: John the Bastard


Heavy rock/slightly metal band John the Bastard has released a new album digitally for all of our listening pleasures. While hard rock isn’t generally my genre of choice, this group has a way of bringing you to the edge of metal and pulling you back with throaty, indie vocals. Check it out here.

They’ve got a jam band, “we’ll take that garage and we’ll practice in it!” kind of sound. Think: intricate guitar picking and a bass-y reverb. “A Lake Giant” is a collection of songs that reminded me a little of the sounds I’d hear at the local shows I’ve frequent in Wisconsin at our local armory. A little bit early Blink 182 (just listen to the mid-song guitar riffs) and a little bit of that band you just can’t put your finger on.

Throw these tracks on your “it’s late and I’m driving home from work and I’ve got to keep my eyes open” playlist. Or your “gotta practice my headbang” playlist. Or your “local bands to keep an ear on” playlist. That’s where I’m storing it.

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