Mickey Davis of Is Home Is on Touring

Tires and Is Home Is in Washington D.C.

Tires and Is Home Is in Washington D.C.

Is Home Is (previously Olsen Twinns) took to the road with Tires for a national tour that stopped in D.C., Ohio, New York, and Missouri, among others states. They’ll be finishing up the tour with a show at the Vaudeville Mews tonight with Tourist, Mad Wheel Starfish, Runaway, and MR NASTI. Show starts at 8pm with a 21+ ID and a $5 cover. This is a show you won’t want to miss!

Mickey Davis of Is Home Is and I passed some messages back and forth and he shared his favorite part of the whole event. Read on for some great insight on touring and equally awesome photos.

Traveling in majorly cramped style

Traveling in majorly cramped style

“The best part about touring is probably also the weirdest part about touring – no matter where you end up, someone you meet in that town is going to know a person who knows your friend or your cousin or your dog or something until you come to the conclusion that at the end of the day, the world is pretty fucking small. Maybe it’s part of the overall “Internet-ification” of music culture (especially music that falls under the broad idea of “indie” music) and the inherent social network created by the last.fm users of the world, but it’s almost impossible to play a show where you don’t meet someone within three degrees of separation from yourself.

Mickey Davis of Is Home Is

Mickey Davis of Is Home Is                                                                                                                                        Photo cred: Matthew Gallagher

My favorite example of this happened in Richmond, Virginia–a town in which I don’t know a soul. The local opener was this guy named Landis of the band White Laces, and he threw down a pretty bass-heavy DJ set of which I was very fond. Before the show, though, he noticed Jordan Mayland (of Tires) had a BiFi Records sticker on his guitar case. BiFi Records is a now-defunct record label based out of Ames that’s put out some pretty classic Iowa music, including music by the also now-defunct Frankenixon along with some projects in which Jordan himself was involved. It was also run by none other than Patrick Tape Fleming, lead singer of the Poison Control Center. Landis informed us that he put out a solo album on BiFi like 10 years ago when he was seventeen years old, a fact that blew the Tires / Is Home Is collective mind. Here we were in this fancy-ass bar playing to 15 people, and this dude playing a DJ set at our show put out an album on an Ames-based record label.

One of the many venues on the the tour trail

One of the many venues on the the tour trail

Some sort of variation on this trope has happened in every city in which we have played so far, which has only reinforced my belief that touring is such a crucial aspect to being a musician. Technology (in the broadest sense) has changed the business model of being a musician in a myriad of ways and will continue to do so as long as people keep using the internet (forever). Too much breath is wasted bemoaning the death of CD sales and other related issues; at this point, a new economy has emerged in which a large chunk of listeners (again, “indie” music listeners – top 40 music has its own set of challenges outside of those listed here) expect or demand recorded music to be free. Additionally, it would be foolish to say that a band with 300ish likes on Facebook can make a profit off of touring. But if done correctly, touring doesn’t mean a band will be out a bunch of money by the end of it. There’s a new economy in being a musician, and I think touring will play a larger and larger role in that.” –Mickey Davis

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