Mumford’s Tour Comes to an End

Reported by Nate Logsdon

We have been having the best, most successful, most indescribably glorious time of our LIVES for the past few weeks with our Japanese brothers The Depaysement! Every single night has been filled with brilliant moments of love, family, friendship, bodily fluids and magic!

There’s really no way to say in words what we’ve been experiencing so here are a few pics to give a tiny little glimpse into the otherworldly beauty we’ve been feeling every day! AMERICA RULES!

DPM got all up in people’s grills in Tulsa!

We played in a Day of the Dead parade in Tucson and Jay went all out with his makeup! JAY OF THE DEAD!

DPM joined us onstage to shred Yakima, WA!

We got down and durrrty at a house party in San Diego!

Guitar master SATORU!

Spiritual brothers in Los Angeles after our show with Iowa hero Coolzey!

Adrien of Trouble Lights visited us in Portland! What a cutie!

Hikaru = Magic! Amazing photo by Jorge Rodriguez!

It’s always Christmas at The Pink House in San Francisco! One of the best shows of the tour!

Brothers that scream together dream together!

Bottom line: this tour has been a total rage! We’ve represented Iowa (and Tokyo!) so so hard and it is truly the joy of our lives to spread the sweat of a thousand centuries!

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