New Single from Roxi Copland

Former Des Moines musician Roxi Copland dropped a new single, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” this morning. How can you get it? Check out iTunes to preview and buy the song, or get it free if you make a purchase on Roxi’s website from now until December 8th. Here’s what Roxi has to say about her new hit:

“I’m always excited to release new music, but I’m particularly proud of this song. It was a wonderful collaborative experience laying this down at Capp Audio Productions in Norwalk with some particularly talented Iowa musicians (Don Jaques, Ryan Mullin & Carl Morton). My amazing fans have been asking for something new ever since Pretty Lies came out in May. When this opportunity arose to have a stellar group of musicians bring my interpretation of Elton John’s classic tune to life, how could I say no?”

I know you all miss her–we do, too. But she does make the occasional visit back to Des Moines for shows. So make sure and keep up with her touring schedule and hit up her show the next time she’s around.

If you like jazz and a lady with some mean vocal chords, you’re gonna want to get in on this single.

Want to know more about Roxi and her music? Check out our Q&A with the musician.


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