Charlie Hunter/Jonah Smith @ BBC

The Bombay Bicycle Club will host Charlie Hunter and Jonah Smith tomorrow night at 8pm. Got plans? You’re missing out. Looking for something to do? You’re in luck! Get your tickets for $15 from our friends at Tikly.

We should all strive to be informed concert-goers, so here’s a little background on the musicians. Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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Charlie Hunter

A Berkeley, Calif. native, Charlie gets old school with his new album “Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead.” This album was recorded straight to the tape–no messing around with headphones or transfers and the album was mixed as they played. According to his website, “Our intention in making this record was to tell a bunch of stories around the central theme of the album’s title,” says Hunter. “The new tunes are meant to evoke some of the things you might see in your travels through the USA these days. Scott and I wanted to think of each composition as a starting point for some kind of narrative.” 

His new album was entirely inspired by the time he has spent touring and playing music for people in small towns everywhere. And his sound evokes that–A touch of folk and a lot of jazz (of course). Even sans lyrics, Hunter tells a story and has you envisioning a day on the road with the windows down. Make sure to check out his rad guitar–he only plays on custom-made seven- and eight-string guitars.

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Jonah Smith

With a new album out (thanks to money raised from his fans), “Little Known Cure,” Jonah has found himself international fans and an ability to connect with any audience you throw at him. He’s known for throwing a political twist into his tunes and represented the 99 percent with his video for “Live One” focusing on the 2008 financial crisis. Expect folky tunes with a touch of blues.

His variety and ability to inject strong emotions into very different topics (politics, love) is astounding. He brings common small town problems into light–“Big Box Town” is all about a small town in Ohio suffering gentrification. Each song is a story. And his characters have remained uncharacteristically consistent. Bassist Ben Rubin, sound specialist David Soler, vocalist and guitarist Andy Stack, and drummer Gintas Janusonis have been with Jonah for years. Take a listen here.

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