On The Road: Mumford’s Tour, Week 1

Reported by: Nate Logsdon

We’ve been having a blast on the road, we love touring so much because we get to meet up with old friends and make new friends and play music every day and most of all spread the word about IOWA and our great music scene here! But we’re not only spreading the word about Iowa this time, we’re also spreading the word about Tokyo because Mumford’s is spending six weeks on the road with our friends The Depaysement from Japan!

We first met The Depaysement this March at SXSW in Austin, TX. We happened to play a show together and we totally fell in love with their music. When we started planning this fall tour we decided to invite them to join us and they agreed to fly over to America for the tour.

We’ve been teaching The Depaysement some of our style of touring, which is pretty different than what they’re used to. For example, when Mumford’s is on tour we almost always sleep on people’s floors rather than getting a motel room. That’s different than what DPM is used to but they are totally up for it!

Another first experience for them was playing an open mic. We played this fun open mic run by our friend Rachel in Toledo where we have a bunch of friends. It was DPM’s first open mic ever…and they killed it! That night was cool too because some of the other folks in Mumford’s could play a set at the open mic too: our trumpet player Lesbian Poetry played a set, our drummer J. Parry threw down some spoken word and our trombonist Paul Hertz played an improvised piano set. Great night.

The first week of our journey has taken us to Ohio, Pennslyvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We are about to do a string of Iowa shows next week before we head down to the South for two weeks and then we’ll be cutting west for a tour of the whole west coast.

We love being on the road. This is our sixth national tour and so we have quite a few friends all over the country. It’s always great to meet up with old friends who we’ve met on previous tours, it’s like an awesome family of DIY folks and musicians. But we always meet new people too, people we could never have met if we didn’t go out on the road. We’ve made some of our best friends of our whole lives this way.

So the first week of the tour has been a success. We’re gearing up for a bunch more awesome midwest dates and then heading to Arkansas for a whole week of Halloween parties! That’s gonna be great, we have lots of friends in Arkansas and always have a great time. We’ll be meeting up with Little Ruckus for a few of the upcoming dates as well which is always a blast because he’s one of our favorite aritsts and best friends and we’ve toured together a bunch before!

Thanks to Band Bombshell for letting us do this tour blog! We’ll log a new one each week! IOWA EVERYWHERE.


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