Poison Control Center Track Debut

We posted a while back about the Iowa City Song Project. Good news: The album is available and the release party is coming up on November 2! We have the honor of debuting Poison Control Center’s track for the album, “Old Capital City.” Listen here for PCC’s song. A little background from Pat Fleming (guitar) of the band: “It’s a song all about drunken old PCC stories and inside jokes. Only Don, Devin, and Patrick are on the track and it was recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studio in Iowa City.”

For those of you who need a catch-up, here’s a few words Pat (who also works with Maximum Ames Records) sent me on the compilation:

“We are super excited about a brand new compilation of 31 artist to celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of a legendary theater in Iowa! Over the past year, The Englert Theatre, a 100-year-old performing arts venue in downtown Iowa City, commissioned 31 musicians and bands to write and record songs inspired by experiences or impressions of Iowa City. The songs — the bulk of them recorded locally — were collected into a compilation album called the Iowa City Song Project. The album features a diverse collection of artists tapping into sounds that range from roots-rock traditions to the experimental and avant-garde. It all makes sense: Iowa City is the home to folk-rock legends Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey, and it is also home to Night-People Records, the LP and cassette label that has released music from Dirty Beaches, Peaking Lights, and its flagship band Wet Hair. Iowa City has always been a welcome stage for Americana of all types — the folk sounds heard at The Englert Theatre and the 50-year old Mill, the rock ‘n roll at Gabe’s, and the new sounds heard at basement and house shows. This collection of songs, which could never claim to be the final word on a continually growing music community, is nonetheless a colorful snapshot of the scene that has been inspired by this small but vibrant town.”
Want to know even more? Check out this documentary about the Iowa City Song Project.
Take a listen to PCC’s track and let us know what you think, music lovers. While you’re doing it, check out these photos of PCC from their recording time in Iowa City courtesy of Sandy Dyas Photography.

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