Jill’s Musical Birthday Bash

(She’s the blonde rockin’ the 80/35 dress)

Our friend Jill Haverkamp turns 30 today! (Happy birthday, Jill.) She’s the founder of On Pitch Media–a music, entertainment, and lifestyle marketing agency. and She’s throwing a party down at The Mews tonight and you’re all invited. Catch The Autumn Project, Love Songs For Lonely Monsters, Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, and Wolves in the Attic for the small cover charge of $5–but make sure you’ve celebrated your 21st or you’re not getting in. The show starts at 9pm.

We snagged a few minutes with Jill to talk about why she chose the line-up she did. Here’s the lowdown.

BB: Tell me about On-Pitch. How did that come about?
JH: We’ve worked on projects for a variety of clients including 80/35, Nitefall on the River, Des Moines Social Club, First Fleet Concerts, Iowa Craft Brew Festival, The Envy Corps, Sound Farm Recording Studio, and Vaudeville Mews.

Since I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to work in music marketing, thus the steps to achieve that goal started at that time. I moved to Chicago, attended Columbia College, did a ton of internships, moved back to Des Moines, got involved in the music scene and marketing industry, and then things just sort of fell into place. Hillary Brown and I started to company in March 2010 and I took it full-time one year later. I love what I do and feel lucky to be able to work with so many projects that are helping move Des Moines’ music and entertainment scene forward.

BB: Have you had any other “musical” birthday bashes?
JH: Nope! This will be the first one. It’s my birthday and I can listen to loud music if I want to.

BB: Why did you choose the bands you did for your big birthday bash?
JH: This was a lot of fun to put together. I have a ton of favorite local bands and being able to see many of them all in one night is going to be a blast. Start the night off smooth with Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos and end strong with The Autumn Project. Mix in Love Songs for Lonely Monsters, featuring one of my favorite front women, Amy Badger. And I’m pretty sure you can’t have a good party without Wolves in the Attic.

BB: If you could choose any band to play your birthday party in the world, who would you choose and why?
JH: A reunited N*SYNC because it would make me laugh a lot.

BB: Which was your favorite birthday and why?
JH: My surprise 8th birthday party because I was sporting a sweet Esprit sweatshirt, pom-pom earrings, and side ponytail. Plus, I got a My Little Pony. Now, that was the good life.


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