4 Reasons to See Jordan Mayland Solo

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Jordan Mayland (you may know him from Tires, Volcano Boys, and The Wheelers), play a solo show at the Mews. Jordan’s a busy guy and is involved in a ton of different projects, so he doesn’t play solo shows very often. He’s currently working on recording a solo album under the name the Thermal Detonators, so we might be seeing more solo acts from him soon. Here’s four reasons why seeing Jordan solo should be on your to-do list.

1. Faves. If you’re a fan of any of Jordan’s bands, plan to hear some of their songs in a completely new way. Jordan’s set included the song “Fever” from Volcano Boys, “Quarterback” and “Dirt” from Electronidoll, and “Glued” from Keepers of the Carpet. Without the band backing, the songs are sweeter, softer, and honest. Plus, it blows your mind how great a rock song can sound acoustically.

2. Falsetto. He gets high—and it gives you shivers.

3. Sing along. Jordan turned the audience into back-up singers for his, song “A Dark Gift.” It’s a song about vampires and the harmony part he led the audience in added to the beautifully haunted feel of this song. The sing-along brings a completely intimate and surprising element to his set.

4. Genius. Jordan is a musical genius. And while some of these geniuses show off their talents in a cocky-as-hell way, Jordan is truly genuine (and somewhat unaware) of how good he really is. During his song “Heart Beat,” he played a minute-long jazz keyboard interlude, which he later informed the audience was ad-lib.


2 thoughts on “4 Reasons to See Jordan Mayland Solo

  1. Jordan Mayland is the musician who first drew me to Ames (via its music scene) ten years ago and I am eternally grateful, for that initial draw and that he’s continued to develop his talents and share them with us! Great writeup.

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