Pure Gut Review

Left to right: Patrick Tape-Fleming, Ladd Askland, Derek Lambert, Joe Horn                                                         Photo cred: Pure Gut facebook page

If you haven’t heard about one of Des Moines’ new local favorites, it’s about time you do. Pure Gut is a perfectly combined mix of kick-ass guitar riffs and quick, hard-hitting lyrics. Half the time, the words are jumbled, mumbled, and slurred (all while being yelled, of course), but the energy is amazing. Ladd Askland (well-know and well-loved booker at the Mews and vocals) puts together themed songs that are bound to be stuck in your head for days. I’ve been obsessing over their song dedicated to “Shark Week”–the lyrics consist of “Look out! It’s a shark! It’s a biiiiig one… He’s drinking whisky!”


Last night, Pure Gut played the late show at the Mews with California-based Victory & Associates. Derek Lambert (Derek Lambert & the Prairie Fires, drums) keeps the tempo slamming right at you with hairpin switch-ups and hard hits. Joe Horn rocks the bass in his expected denim get-up with the occasional screech into the mic. His banter between songs keeps the audience going. “It’s jokes on jokes on jokes, folks.”

Finally, Patrick Tape-Fleming (Poison Control Center, Gloom Balloon) takes on the guitar (it’s pink and, yes, they did write a song about it). Never fear–he’s still dropping audience-pleasing splits and on-his-knees guitar breakdowns in every song.

All together, these guys create the epitome of a drunken friend jam band. While the music may not be something you could listen to on the regular, the live show energy is one you won’t find from many bands. Friends and family crowd the stage whenever they play, making it one big dance party. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Pure Gut yet, drop what you’re doing the next time they’re playing and get your ass to that stage.

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