Iowa City Song Project

The Englert Theatre, a downtown Iowa City legend, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year! To commemorate a century of amazing live music, they’ve commissioned 31 musicians and bands to write and record songs inspired by experiences in Iowa City. These songs were collected into an epic compilation aptly named  Iowa City Song Project. The album features a diverse collection of artists tapping into sounds that range from traditional rock to experimental and avant-garde. It all makes sense: Iowa City is the home to folk-rock legends Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey, as well as the home to Night-People Records, the LP and cassette label that has released music from Dirty Beaches, Peaking Lights, and Wet Hair. This collection of songs, which only shows the continually growing music community, is a colorful snapshot of the scene that has been inspired by this small but vibrant town.

Check out the tracklist:

  1. “The Rules Of Summer” – Alex Body
  2. “Strange City” – Brooks Strause
  3. “Summer Sun” – Greg Brown
  4. “Help Thy Brother’s Boat Across” – David Zollo & The Body Electric
  5. “Doesn’t Take Long” – Pieta Brown
  6. “Run Johnny Run” – William Elliott Whitmore
  7. “A Short Walk” – Rene Hell
  8. “Up The Street From You” – Sam Knutson / Milk & Eggs
  9. “So It Goes” – Caroline Smith & Jesse Schuster
  10. “No Place Like Home” – Bo Ramsey
  11. “Death Buggy” (House Of Large Sizes cover) – Samuel Locke Ward
  12. “Old Capital City” – The Poison Control Center
  13. “Strings” – Emperors Club
  14. “The North Dodge Alley” – Wet Hair
  15. “Drought” – Cuticle
  16. “We’re So Lonely”  – Christopher The Conquered
  17. “Gasoline” – The Feralings
  18. “Unsteady Youth” – Alexis Stevens
  19. “Ashtray” – The Lonelyhearts
  20. “A Town of Tin Crowns” – Lwa


  1. “Two Leather Boots” – Awful Purdies
  2. “Hourglass” – Chasing Shade
  3. “Water Changes Plans” – Tallgrass
  4. “Mississippi River Town Blues” – We Shave
  5. “Speak To Us Of Love” – Skye Carrasco
  6. “Handle With Care” – John Svec
  7. “Wish I Could” – Flannel
  8. “Iowa City, Make Love To Me” – Pete Balestrieri
  9. “Max Yocum’s Blues” – Liberty Leg
  10. “The Sky Is Our Mountains” – Mumford’s
  11. “Corn Thrust” – The Tanks

Preorder the album here and get free access to the release show at the Englert Theatre on Friday, November 2.

Have time this week? Check out their birthday celebration on Wednesday, September 26. See details here.


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