World Food Fest

Lindsay and Erika at World Food Festival

I’m a fan of great food (I mean, who isn’t?). Take me to any restaurant and I can find something to order, even if the menu is a little on the exotic side. So, a trip to World Food Festival this past weekend was right up my alley. In between bites of my French crepes, Mediterranean Spinakopita, and Russian Perogies, I realized a great relationship between food and music–even if the music is a little exotic, you can still find something you like about it!

That’s one thing the World Food Festival does a great job of–exposing festival-goers (some of which probably get uncomfortable with any food other than a hamburger or any music not played on KISS FM) to a variety of tastes and letting them uncover something new. Erika and I were lucky enough to see some of the amazing music on Saturday and were blown away.

In case you missed it, here’s the full line-up from the weekend:

Friday: Brazilian 2wins, The Snacks, It’s Complicated, Salsa Des Moines, Banda Sensacion, Salsa Vibe.

Saturday: David Zollo, Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, World Port, Iowanas, Boteco, Leradee & The Positives.

Sunday: Brad Seidenfeld, Chad Elliott, Making Movies

We started our Saturday with Dustin Smith & The Sunday Silos, who have music rooted in Americana. They had the crowd grooving and the little girls swooning to many songs off their upcoming album (set to release in November), as well as some old favorites. Dustin, sans his back-up singer and half the horn section, still produced a full sound with a rawness that made you feel every word he was singing.

Later that night, we had the pleasure of hearing Leradee & The Positives, a truly talented reggae group fronted by West African singer, Leradee Fomsi. With strong beats, upbeat horn lines, and words with a good message, you can’t help but move your feet. Everyone on stage was having a blast and the energy transferred to the crowd.

To see more of our pictures, check out our Facebook album.


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