Jazz in Des Moines

Reported by Lindsay Fullington

Usually when people think of local music, their minds don’t jump to jazz. But Des Moines has a surprising amount of super talented jazz musicians that deserve your respect and your ears. And they play in venues you’d never expect. Here’s a list of the places to scout out the scene, and since there’s no cover charge, there’s no reason not to put these performances on your to-do list.

The Lift:

Where: 222 4th Street

When: Every Tuesday, 10-12pm

Who: The Uplift Quartet

Drinks: Specials on Old-Fashioneds slung by the D. Smith (hey, you should drink sassy, if you’re listening classy!)

Vibes: Good vibin’ and totally chill. Younger crowd is perfect for beginner jazz ears.

The Continental

Where: 428 E Locust St

When: Every Friday and Saturday, 9-12pm

Who: Varies

Drinks: Their sangria is worth the extra bucks

Vibes: Older crowd of the working type, but never gets rowdy. These people appreciate jazz.

Cosmo Lounge:

Where: 800 Locust St

When: Every Friday at 9

Who: Varies, but regular Paige Harpin’s voice is super sweet

Drinks: Their martini list puts other bars to shame and Sherry sure knows how to shake them

Vibes: Sometimes is full of tipsy out-of-towners from the adjacent hotel, but they’re legit.

Star Bar:

Where: 2811 Ingersoll Ave.

When: Every Wednesday, 9-12pm

Who: Varies

Drinks: Good beer selection

Vibes: Packed crowd, so get there early for a good booth and good food.

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