Q&A with Joe Horn

Reported by Lindsay Fullington

Joe Horn works at The Mews as one of the door guys. You can call him The Gatekeeper–he takes your money and kicks out minors. And he loves doing it–but only if there’s a drink involved somewhere. Here’s a look into The Mews as Joe knows it.

Band Bombshell: How long ago did you start working at the Mews?

Joe Horn: I started 2 ½ years ago filling in for someone. I got too drunk at the end of the night to do the simple math to pay the bands. So I had about a six month break.”

BB: Any other mistakes you want to fess up to?

JH: One time, I paid the wrong bands. Turns out, everyone in bands looks the same. It was hundreds of dollars. The Mews took a pretty big hit for that one.

BB: How much do you get paid?

JH: Enough to have a drinking problem.

BB: Favorite drink at the Mews?

JH: Anything that has alcohol in it.

BB: How many nights a week do you work?

JH: Four nights a week.

BB: What’s your least favorite part of being a door guy?

JH: It’s hippies. I fucking hate hippies.

BB: What’s the best show you ever saw at the Mews?

JH: The Midwest Pop Festival with Cursive.

BB: What’s the worst show you ever saw at the Mews?

JH: There are bad bands. But even if you don’t want to watch them, they’re entertaining because they’re bad.

BB: What are the top 5 bands people need to see at the Mews?

JH: Dustin Smith & the Sunday Silos, Love Songs for Lonely Monsters, Canyons, Derek Lambert & the Prairie Fires, and Autumn Project.

BB: What’s the best advice you can give people attending a show at the Mews?

JH: Don’t ever rub your dick on the inside of the urinal.

BB: Anything you don’t like about the Mews?

JH: My main problem with the Mews is you can’t smoke cigarettes. And if I were single, there’s not enough big-bootied bitches there.


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