The Mews Know-How

Five things to know before hitting up the Mews

By: Lindsay Fullington

The Vaudeville Mews is my fav music venue in Des Moines. It’s one of those places you’ve passed a million times and probably never noticed (and trust me, if you’ve ever drunkenly wandered in the Court Ave. District, you’ve passed it). It’s the kind of place where you bump into sweat-covered band members on your way to the bar. It’s a place where music-lovers can affectionately get their ears rattled all for the price of a cheap cover charge. But most importantly, it’s a place where the normals can spot an outsider in seconds—so don’t be caught actin’ like you don’t belong.

If you’ve never been to the Mews, take progressive action before you visit. Follow these tips and you’ll be one of the cool kids in no time:

Have your ID ready. Nothing says “newbie” like having the doorman ask to see your ID. You digging around in your pocket for your ID also slows down the line. Don’t be the person.

Use the bathroom before you come. If you’ve never had the pleasure of peeing in the Mews’ bathroom, count yourself lucky. Not only do you have to walk through the entire crowd and navigate behind the stage, but you have to relieve yourself in stalls without locks while someone in the stall next to you is probably doing something that could be considered a little sketch.

Dress like a hipster. The Mews is probably one of the only places in Des Moines your hipster attire isn’t out of place. Get out your scarves and leggings, and leave your club wear at home. Seriously, if you’re wearing anything sparkly or from The Gap, you don’t belong here. (Shout out to Brandon, my grandpa sweater buddy!)

Pick a good position. Picking the perfect place to camp out during the show is an art. If it isn’t crowded, stick with the seating on the first floor—the closer to the door, the better. If it’s packed, stand on the left side of the stage in front. You’ll avoid all the pesky people pushing their way to the bathroom and catch a cool breeze from the stage door every once in a while.

Drink from the bottle. Sure, the Mews has a few beers on tap and I’ve been guilty of ordering mixed drinks from the bar, but with limited seating, drinking from a glass in the middle of a crowd can only lead to disaster. Stick with bottles (I suggest Red Stripe) to avoid wet pants and humiliation.

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