Big Harp Q&A

I got to chat with Los Angeles act Big Harp before they play at The Vaudeville Mews tomorrow night. You can read the whole story here. Big Harp will be playing with The Mynabirds and Dustin Smith and the Sunday Silos. The show starts at 8pm and it’s $10 at the door. Don’t miss it!

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The basics-

Age:  95, if you add our drummer John in, too.

Hometowns:  Chris is from Valentine, NE.  Stefanie is from Los Angeles, CA.  Pretty similar places.

Favorite Musician:  John Voris.

Sickeningly sweet nicknames for each other:  Mostly unmentionable.

The nitty gritty-

Q: Describe your relationship in three words that begin with an “S.”
A: Sloppy.  Savage.  Spaghetti.

Q:People drive miles, pay a cover charge, and spend an entire night in
noisy venues to hear your music. How does that make you feel?
A: They do?  Do they not have cable?  Really, it’s a great feeling when people come out to see us.  We love playing shows.  This time around we’re going to be     playing a ton of new stuff in preparation for the next album, so it should be really fun.

Q: Give me your history. How did Big Harp come to be?
A: Well, when we got married and had kids we took a break from making music for about two years.  When the itch hit, it was pretty inevitable that we play together.  There were about two weeks between starting the band and making the first record.  Since then we’ve been playing shows and writing a ton, so I think the next record, which we’re gonna start recording right after this tour, is in some ways going to be the first document of what we really sound like.  The first one had kind of a singer-songwriter, folk vibe–the new stuff sounds more like a real band.

Q: Have you been to Des Moines before? If so, what are you looking forward to doing the short time you’re here?
A: We have been there.  Between the two of us we’ve probably played Vaudeville Mews about ten times.

Q: You recorded your album in three days. How did you pull that off?
A: We just kind of did it.  We didn’t spend a ton of time on arrangements or overdubs, and the record is mostly first or second takes.

Q: Describe your sound.
A: It depends, I guess.  Since we made our last record, we’ve kind of morphed into a rock band.  A pretty loud one, too.  Evil country?  Goth R&B?  All of our music has some kind of foundation in blues, folk and country, but I suppose that’s true in some way of all popular music.

Q: Do you bring the kids on tour? How does that work for you?
A: Yeah, we bring them along.  It works out great.  Since we’re both in the band, leaving them at home isn’t really an option.  They’re great on the road, too–our son is always asking if we can go on tour again.

Q: Where and who was the best show you’ve ever been to?
A (Stefanie):  When I was really little, my family went to see Michael Jackson on his Thriller tour, with the Jackson Five opening.  That was pretty rad.

Q: Where are you going from here?
A: Minneapolis, then Omaha where we’re going into the studio.

Q: What’s your best “on-the-road” advice for first-time tourers?
A: If you’re going out for two weeks, pack for three days.  You’ll stink, but you’ll get over it.


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