Listen Local

Every big musician had to start somewhere. Local music is the name of the game–and the purpose of this blog.

Let me rundown what I’m hoping to accomplish:

Passion Pit, not so local. But an awesome photo op.

I work with Des Moines startup Locusic, and I go to a lot of local shows. I know there are people out there who wish they could make it to more local shows, but they just can’t make it. That’s where I come in. I’ll go for you–and report back on it. So let me know if there’s an awesome show that you can’t make it to. I’ve got your back.

Available Musicians

Have a gig and an instrument with no musician? No problem. Eventually, you’ll be able to find a list of “freelance musicians”–local musicians that play for a bunch of different bands–and all of their contact info. If you or anyone you know would like to be listed on this site, email me at


If you or a friend has a show coming up, let me know! I’ll post it on the site.

The site is simple, really. Want to hear about a show you missed? Check out my post on it. Need a musician? Check under the musicians tab. Have a show you want to advertise? Let me know and I’ll post it. There’s no reason not to get involved.

While you’re waiting for me to post more content, get your local music fix from Locusic. I know, shameless promotion, but I’d listen even if I weren’t directly involved.

Until later. Stay musically inclined, friends.


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